My practice often works within the narrative of transformation as an artist and individual. I try to create a sense of space and energy in the drawing or painting and this process connects me to an energy in me and outside of me.
I have to look for it as it’s not always there but I can harness it, though it doesn't always last. I often find painting both exhilarating and depleting at the same time.
I love marking the paper or canvas and the physicality of painting on a large canvas and moving the paint.
I use pencil marks to express extensions of space, weight and movement, defining the end to a painting and annointing the work with a finishing touch in graphite. For me, painting, drawing and sculpture are consecrated actions and their creation is an initiation.
I consider the process of making art as magical, and that once a painting or drawing is complete I have taken myself through a process that connects me to a deeper knowledge and a purer place.